Monday, August 3, 2009

buzz and fizz

We talked about playing this game with the youth group called Buzz and Fizz, where you count around a circle, and when you hit a multiple of 7, you say "buzz" and a multiple of 5, you say "fizz." I was thinking buzz buzz buzz all day today, because it's THREE WEEKS until I will be settling in to my new apartment with my new roommates in a new state for a new job. So crazy.

That means that in less than 21 days, I will be heading out of the great state of Texas, leaving my family, and hitting the road for the 14ish hour trip to Orlando. I'm nervous, excited, a little squeamish... and just trying to get prepared. I suspect I'll need to start making lists of everything I need to have, and emailing my new roommate to see what all we will be trying to bring.

Two of my roommates and I will be sharing a hotel room really super close to where we will be checking in, so hopefully we can be the first in line and get our little Chatham 3-bedroom, non-wellness apartment! All six of us are going to try to meet up for dinner that night, but I'm sure our half-apartment slumber party will be fun.

I'm also hoping to find out my location sometime soon... I won't know "officially" where I will be working until I get there and go through Traditions, the Disney company history and training program, but I might get a heads up from someone that is already there and has access to the info. ;)

Lots to prepare for, and lots to prepare to leave behind, so please say a tiny prayer for me as I try to find my center in all of this change!

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