Saturday, June 13, 2009

"I am an idea man"

Walt Disney is such a hero to me. Not because of the empire he created, or even just the art that he began and perpetuated... but his entire spirit. It's something to be admired, something to be embodied.

I just finished watching Meet the Robinsons, for the nth time. I love the movie itself, but I get chills every time I see the quote and dedication. Well deserved, for sure. I love the One Man's Dream exhibit at Hollywood Studios... and I can't wait to go walk through it again. Just to sit in the parks and marvel at what has become of a man with dreams and ideas... it's going to be awesome.

On another note, I think my rooming situation is pretty much set to go, which I am VERY happy about. I hate wondering and worrying about that stuff. Now we have a good two months to communicate with each other about who needs to bring what, etc. It's going to be six happy girls in one apartment complex, and I couldn't be more excited.

The days are counting down—almost out of the 70s! Sounds like a lot of days, but I know the time will fly by!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

getting excited

Got another email this morning—a reminder about the Disney Look guidelines. It's pretty basic... you've got to be a good-looking, clean-cut, all-natural kinda person to work in the parks. It's really interesting to see how companies use certain kinds of people as embodiments of their brand, and reminds me of a million other places that I have been where the people all seem to be an extension of what they are a part of. (Apple, Hot Topic, Starbucks, etc.)

What's funny is that we have already gotten all this information, and several times at that! haha I think they're just finding ways to send intermittent emails to get me more excited every time. It works! I can't wait.

In other Disney-related news, I think I found a roommate for myself. And probably two sets of apartment-mates. We are hoping to get a 3 bedroom apartment at Chatham Square! My roommate's name is Lauren, and she seems super nice and agreeable, so I'm sure we will get along just great!

I do keep up with Disney news, and am getting pretty excited about some things that will be happening while I am there—The Princess and the Frog comes out in theaters on December 11th! It was animated using the traditional methods, so that her movie matches that of the other princesses. It is set in New Orleans, so I'm sure the WDW Port Orleans resort will be having some big parties around that time. I am excited about some unveilings and character greetings!!

Also, there is a project going on in Pixar Place of Hollywood Studios, rumored to be a giant animatronic Luxo lamp! How cool is that?

Anyway, just an update for all of you. I'll post again sometime soon!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009, trust, and pixie dust...

Hiya! Here it is, a new start. It has been almost three weeks since I walked across the stage to celebrate earning my first college degree. And everyone wants to know: what's next? Where are my dreams leading me now?

I was on top of things enough to apply for the Disney College Program earlier this semester. When I got my purple folder (the universal sign of acceptance for the CP community), I was so excited to learn that I had been accepted to the program. I was a little let down to learn that my role would be QSFB—Quick Service Food and Beverage, but knew that I could not pass up the opportunity just to be in WDW and start chasing my dreams!

I will be working full-time on the Disney property in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. My role will be somewhere within the counter service or cart service for dining in the parks or resorts, and I absolutely cannot wait to enjoy the parks, new friends, and the Disney connections I will be making along the way.

Stay in touch and follow my blog to see updates, pictures, and other nonsense as this will be my main way of keeping friends and family posted on what I am doing now that I am officially in post-grad mode!