Tuesday, August 25, 2009

no passes... but we can still play!

It was a day to settle in, or at least that is what I'm sure the Housing team intended when they gave us our second day off. Instead, we took off for the Grand Floridian for lunch at Gasparilla, a counter service where we could see Cinderella's Castle out the window, just across the water! It was delicious, and so exciting!

Then we jumped on the monorail for a ride past Magic Kingdom (even though we couldn't get in yet), and stopped at the Contemporary to look around. We played in the arcade, got awesome nylon bracelets with our winnings, and did some window shopping. Ten points if you can find the five-legged goat in the mural above! haha :)

On our way back, we thoroughly enjoyed our walk through the Grand Floridian, including entertainment by my roommates on the grandiose stairs of the lobby. So hilarious! We practiced our Disney "point" by pretending we were giving each other directions, laughed so hard I couldn't breathe, stood around listening to the incredible "orchestra" band that plays over the lobby of the GF, and tried to take in the scenery as much as we could.

Later, we did some grocery shopping in a thunderstorm, and stocked up our little kitchen with all sorts of good stuff. All in all, a really great day of adventure, even without passes to the parks!

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