Saturday, June 13, 2009

"I am an idea man"

Walt Disney is such a hero to me. Not because of the empire he created, or even just the art that he began and perpetuated... but his entire spirit. It's something to be admired, something to be embodied.

I just finished watching Meet the Robinsons, for the nth time. I love the movie itself, but I get chills every time I see the quote and dedication. Well deserved, for sure. I love the One Man's Dream exhibit at Hollywood Studios... and I can't wait to go walk through it again. Just to sit in the parks and marvel at what has become of a man with dreams and ideas... it's going to be awesome.

On another note, I think my rooming situation is pretty much set to go, which I am VERY happy about. I hate wondering and worrying about that stuff. Now we have a good two months to communicate with each other about who needs to bring what, etc. It's going to be six happy girls in one apartment complex, and I couldn't be more excited.

The days are counting down—almost out of the 70s! Sounds like a lot of days, but I know the time will fly by!

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  1. I am beyond excited for you Mary! I'm so glad you are doing this blog so I don't feel to far away from you while you have FUN!
    love ya and miss ya already :)