Wednesday, August 19, 2009

two more days at home...

AAAHHHHH!! My countdown is now down to 4 days until check-in. SO CRAZY! I have been trying to hold out on posts, because I know if I wrote something every time I got excited or nervous or antsy, there would be a BILLION entries!

I have been busy getting things together, trying to enjoy these last few days with my family and hometown friends... it's hard to leave again, especially when I'm so awful with change. But I know it's happening, and I'll have to move forward.

I started a new book this week: a biography, Walt Disney: An American Original by Bob Thomas. One of my heroes. I realize I've already said that on this blog... ;) He was a man of vision, imagination, laughter, and great determination, something I can only hope to keep becoming. Well, not the man part. But you know what I mean! I was so surprised to learn: I had absolutely no idea that Walt started out as a commercial artist— nowadays known as a communication designer! His first job as an artist was not at a paper as a cartoonist, it was for a commercial art firm, where he drew logos, did illustrations for ads, programs, and pamphlets, worked on letterhead design, and did hand-lettering. I gasped as I read it, (dramatic, I know) but I had no idea! We have more in common than I thought!

Anyway, it's a great book. I might post quotes or comments about it... seems fitting, since I'm headed to the park named as a memoriam to him! For the time being, I'm off to start *ahem* I mean... finish packing, doing last little errands, and all that good stuff. My sisters are back to school and Becca left for her place this morning, so it's lonely around here during the day. Good motivation to get stuff done, I suppose! :)

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